Australia Unit: Counting Echidna Cards w/Pinning Work

The echidna is a funny looking little animal that lives in Australia. I wanted to incorporate some number work into our activities and thought this little creature made the perfect foundation!

After my girls went to bed one night, I made up these numbered printables from 1-10 and decided to use miniature clothespins to pin the corresponding number on the cards. They are the perfect size for little hands and the pinning work helps strengthen little hands and work on fine motor skills. Plus when they’re completed the clothes pins look like the quills on the echidna!

Download the FREE printable cards HERE

I laminated mine to protect them from little fingers but you could just print them on heavy paper and that should hold up well too.

My preschooler loved this activity so much, we’ve done it several times in the past week. She’s already pretty advanced with her numbers and can count to 50, but it’s good to visualize how the numbers look in quantity. Also it’s a great excuse to get creative for me. 🙂

Download yours today at joint the fun at #travelingthroughlearning on Instagram or tag me in a blog post – we’ll post our favorite features at the end of the month.

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