Vintage Quilt Patchwork Christmas Stockings



I love to find creative ways to use older items in a new way. A few years ago, a family member gave me a couple quilt tops that had been made by a great-great-grandmother. I didn’t know what to do with them, so they lived in my storage room in my basement for over a year.


A Christmas approached, I realized I did not have a stocking for my youngest – actually I did, but it said “first Christmas” and it was her second, lol. I decided to use the quilt tops to make a set of stockings. In a fun way this honored Grandma F’s memory and I figured they would look homey and fun.

First, I made a pattern of a stocking shape. You can download the pattern I used HERE. I cut out four fronts and four backs for the stockings.


It should come as no surprise that my oldest had to “help” me do each one. So I let her. Worse case I had to cut out an extra, and I had plenty of quilt to work with.



Once I had the outsides, I cut out my lining out of unbleached muslin. I cut two pieces for each stocking. My kiddo also helped me with this as well.


Lastly, I cut out thin cotton batting for my stockings so they had a nice shape to them, not all saggy.


Now to assemble the stockings. My quilt batting went on the outside so it would be on the inside when completed.



Stockings are starting to take shape! Next step was inserting the lining into the stocking so the inside didn’t have exposed seams and batting.



I next cut out my “cuffs” for the top. The seam would be discretely hidden under the cuff and everything would look finished. I used a natural linen fabric in a light brown color – I figured this would contrast nicely with my stocking colors and tie everything together.


I pinned them in place on the inside so when they were inverted it would be a nice cuff and hide the seam. I also added a little hanger on the left side.


Once sewn and pulled inside out, I pinned them in place and ironed them so they would lay flat.


I decided to secure my cuff and add a fun detail with buttons. I inherited an old button box from my mother, so my daughter and I had fun picking out fun buttons to trim our stockings with.



How cute are they?


Can’t wait to fill them Christmas morning! 🙂 My daughter is so proud of “our” project and frankly, so am I! 🙂



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