Star of David – Popsicle Craft (Israel Unit)

The Star of David is very important to the Jewish culture. As the most prominent religion in Israel, I found this fun craft that helps little ones recognize this symbol while providing hands on creative fun.


First I glued popsicle sticks into two triangle shapes. I used the wider ones, but either will work. You could use a hot glue gun for quicker creations.


Next I glued the two triangles together.


After everything has dried thoroughly, paint the entire star with blue pain. You could also use pre-colored sticks so you don’t have to paint them later (painting is challenging with little ones!)


Next, stick little white stars all over your star. Great for fine motor work and let’s face it, stickers are fun!


Lastly, attach a ribbon or jute string to use as a hanger. You can hang it on your Christmas tree or anywhere else in the house as a fun decoration.

Happy Hanukkah!

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