Hebrew Counting Cards 1-10 *FREE Printables*

As we continue our study of Israel in this month’s theme, we discussed languages. Israel has both Hebrew and Arabic as predominate languages. I thought it would be fun to learn to count in another language – I chose Hebrew. I found Hebrew to be quite fascinating at initial glance. Words are either masculine or feminine, which makes finding an easy 1-10 difficult. In addition, the traditional Hebrew language does not use numeric symbols to denote numbers, but rather uses words. Modern numeric symbols are actually Arabic.

Soooo… my simple project got a challenging. But it was fun. My “counting cards” are the Hebrew words for each number in masculine version. You can download my FREE Printable HERE.


I printed my cards on cardstock and laminated them to protect them from inquisitive little hands.


This activity can be used for all ages, but grade-school would most likely enjoy it the most. My 3.5 year old liked repeating the words (I’m sure I did a terrible job at the pronunciation), and later we used salt to draw the symbols in. My preschooler loved this part – I just used a Melissa & Doug wooden case for lace-up animals and a stick we had leftover from my Israeli Stone House activity. This was also excellent practice to using a writing utensil and fine motor skills as she drew the symbols.


Join the fun at #travelingthroughlearning !!

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