Ancient Israeli House (Tissue Box Upcycle)


As we continue our study about Israel, I thought it would be fun to make a small-world style craft of an ancient Israeli house. A square tissue box makes the perfect foundation for a square stone home.


I cut out four little holes on each side near the top to slide my stick “beams” later and a door and two windows.


Next I used a foam brush to apply a generous layer of glue.


Actually my oldest did this, and I’ll admit it was terrifying to watch her sling glue everywhere. She did her best to be “careful” and having little plastic trays to work with did help (I bought these at Dollar Tree – SCORE!).


We then pressed the sticky glue surface into sand. I made sure it was coated pretty well. We covered the roof and both sides.


We allowed the house to dry and then did a second coat because we didn’t want the “tissue box” to show through, lol.


After the box was well dried, we poked small sticks through the holes we had cut to create “beams” – we just got these sticks in the woods, but you could buy some at the craft store.


Next we needed a door, so I created one out of craft sticks. I cut them slightly taller than the door I had cut and glued two across to hold it together.


After it was dry, I painted some expresso wood stain on it to give it a nice contrast. I glued it to the front with craft glue.


How cute it this?

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