Israel Unit – Foam Map w/Printable Cities

Part of learning about different countries is understanding how they look on a map and the major cities they have.

I love foam sheets as a great textile way of visualizing what a country looks. I made little printables with the cities to attach to your map with map pins.

First print out the country outline and printable cities:

I first cut out my outline of Israel then traced it on my foam sheet of paper. I used blue because the colors of the Israeli flag are blue and white.


I traced around my pattern inverted so that any residual black marks are on the back of my map.


Next I cut out my city names and attached them with map pins.


Look at a large map of Israel to help you place your city names.


Great way for your kiddos to learn Israeli geography! This activity was a little advanced for my preschooler, but she recognized Jerusalem and Nazareth from the Christian Christmas story, and enjoyed trying to pronounce the “funny” names.

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