#TravelingThroughLearning – ISRAEL Unit!

Israel is a country along the Mediterranean Sea located in the Middle East. It is most common referred to as the biblical Holy Land by Jews, Christians and Muslims. Since I decided to start #travelingthroughlearning in December, I thought Israel would make an excellent start because of it’s association with the Christian Christmas story and the Jewish Hanukkah.

Thank you for all my followers who participated, sent in suggestions and feedback during this unit. We had a lot of fun! 🙂


  • Placemat Sign & Flag of Israel – This full color printable shows some interesting stats of the country as well as some pictures of major landmarks. I like to put it in a plastic sheet protector and use it as a placemat for meals. It is excellent to promote learning at the dinner table. This also includes a Israeli flag to post as part of your unit.
  • Map Outline & Major Cities – We cut out an outline of Israel in foam paper and used map pins to attach the city tags to show where the different major cities were.

Model of Landmark/Dwelling:


  • Hebrew Counting Cards – Learn to count in Hebrew! These cards include letters 1-10 in masculine (Hebrew has both female and masculine versions).

Life Cycle: 

Montessori-Themed Indigenous Fauna Cards:

  • Israeli Fauna Cards – These are animals found in Israel, and can be used to match with or without miniature models.


Traditional Toy/Game:

Sensory Play:

The Arts:

STEM Challenge:

Practical Life Skills:

Gross Motor Skills:



All About the Money:

  • Israeli Currency

Person of Interest:

  • Golda Meir – Israel’s first women prime minister. Known for her tough no-nonsense ways. Discussed with my preschooler how important it is to fight for your beliefs and never give up. Awesome coloring page FREE HERE.

Recommended Reading:

If you have any other suggestions to add to this unit, please feel free to PM me and maybe I’ll add them! 🙂

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