Orange Clove Pomander – Fine Motor Skill Activity

I love to find easy activities that promote hands-on learning. I also love the smells of the holidays and this activity combines fine motor skills and creativity as well as smells AMAZING!

A pomander comes from the French words pomme d’ambre, meaning an apple of amber. It refers to a ball made for perfumes, and was historically worn or carried in a vase as a protection against infection in times of pestilence or to mask bad smells.


All you need is a couple of oranges, some toothpicks and whole cloves.

I used the toothpicks to poke holes in my orange and then poked the cloves into the hole (the cloves are too fragile to push through without help, as I learned after a few times and breaking them).


I poked the holes and then my preschooler poked the cloves in. This activity challenged her quite a bit, but she was determined to “do it herself!”


I had to help her quite a bit as her little hands got tired less than halfway through. But we covered the entire orange!


I then used a embroidery needle and fine jute to thread through the top of the orange to create a hanger for it.


Tada! I tied it at the top and near the base for a secure hanger.


My little one placed it on the tree – beautiful!


(Yes, we have babygates around the tree because my 1-year old can’t control herself haha)


It smells gorgeous!

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