Pumpkin Sensory Balls

This is a super-easy activity to do with your little ones, and great for strengthening little hands and of course fun sensory play!

Start with two orange balloons:


I used two to make sure it is nice and strong (also if one breaks you have a spare.

I put one balloon inside the other one:


I then used a clean, empty plastic bottle and marked it so that all my sensory balls would have the same amount of “stuff” haha


I made three different types – one with sand, one with water beads and one with popcorn.


I then blew up my balloon first so that it would be easier to pour the insides in.

I attached the balloon over top of the bottle and then tipped it over to pour the insides into the balloon.


I then let the excess air out and tied the top securely.


So much fun!

Next I had a few little fabric leaves I decided to attach to the top to make them even more “pumpkin-like”


I cut a small hole in the leaf and threaded the jute through and secured it on the balloon top and tied it into a bow.


How cute are they??

My preschooler LOVED them!! She’s been playing with them for days now. Get creative with what you stuff them with – flour? beans? rice? playdough? The possibilities are endless…


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