Montessori Pumpkin Life Cycle *FREE PRINTABLE*

I don’t adhere to one specific methodology of education, but I am inspired by several educational theories including Montessori, Waldorf and STEM/STEAM Education.

I was trying to find some autumn-themed activities for my preschooler and decided to make a Montessori life-cycle for a pumpkin! I drew some basic drawings with a sharpie and made up this little turn circle. It’s pretty basic, but great for showing how pumpkins grow.

To make your own, simply download my FREE Pumpkin Life Cycle

Cut out each piece along the lines, and put the top part over the bottom part. Punch a hole where indicated and put a brad in the middle to allow the top piece to spin over the bottom and show only each photo separately.


Cycle 1: Seed


Cycle 2: Flowering Plant


Cycle 3: Green Pumpkin


Cycle 4: Mature Pumpkin

Super easy to make and a great basis for a good discussion. If you are able, pair this with your own gardening experience during the summer and enjoy this fall-themed activity as you reflect on how your pumpkins grew!

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