My Body Unit – The Concept of Joints

As a nurse educator, I love to find creative ways to teach my little one about her body. At three, she isn’t able to grasp many abstract concepts, so I try to find hands on learning activities to make it more real.

I always seem to have tons of pipecleaners laying around – pretty sure they multiply at night. I twisted the pipecleaner into a simple little stick person.


Next, I wrapped basic play dough around the frame. One could spend more detail and make a great little skeleton, but I was just going for basic.


My daughter made her own version, but very quickly it became a pancake person – because why wouldn’t you want to smash play dough on top of the stick figure until he/she was completely covered?


I let my little guy/gal dry out for a few days until the play dough was hard.


It was fun to show my preschooler how the neck, elbow, hip, knee and ankle joint worked. I’ll admit, it was rudimentary, but my kiddo liked it. She played with the little person for most of the morning, when his hand fell off, then we had to put him in the “hospital” – I love how her little mind works! 🙂

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