Photo Name Puzzle – Learning to Read!

My oldest just turned three, but I’ve already started to try to teach her the foundations to learning to read. I loved this activity because it combines a visual matching of a photo, but also teaches younger kiddos the order the letters in their names go.

Materials Needed:

  • Photo of child
  • Wide craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie Marker

Choose a photo of your kiddo.


Next count out enough craft sticks to correspond with how many letters they have in their name.


I recommend lining up the sticks to make sure they will fit on the back of the photo. If you have a longer name, you’ll need a larger photo (or skinnier craft sticks, haha)


Glue each stick to the back of the photo – allow to dry thoroughly.


Write the child’s name on the bottom of the sticks.


Cut between the sticks to separate the pieces of the puzzle.



Make several puzzles – learn family member’s names too!


My preschooler loved this activity – it’s great for learning to recognize the written name as well as the sequence of the letters.


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