Leaf Hairstyles – Fall Preschool Activity

Fall is one of my favorite times of year – I love the colors and the crisp weather and all the yummy scents and tastes. Now that the weather isn’t as hot, it’s easier to take walks with my girls and it’s fun to pick up random leaves, flowers grasses and seed pods.

My preschooler is starting to notice that not everybody looks like her – I want to encourage her to admire diversity and promote an appreciation of various cultures and races. This fun activity allows for a great deal of creativity but also can be a great teaching tool as well.

Materials Needed:

  • Leaves, Flowers, Grasses, Seed Pods
  • Glue (If you want to save your work)

First part of this activity was go for a walk. I used two grocery bags to hold our treasures and we filled both bags!


Next I printed off several copies of my person face – initially I drew this face because my preschooler wanted a “Moana” face – I think there is definitely some similarities. I scanned my drawing so I could make more for this activity and share with you!


I just allowed my kiddo to create. I made a few versions myself too! Who says being an adult can’t be fun?


For younger children like my preschooler, you could put a print out in a plastic sheet protector and decorate over and over without gluing. Or you can glue your masterpiece in place – get creative!

As we worked we talked about different people we knew and how they looked different on the outside. What is different? What is the same? How great is it to have a world with so much diversity!

We also talked about how some people treat others badly just because they look different. We talked about what we would do if we saw somebody bully another person.

This activity was a good foundation for some good conversations. I think we’ll have to do this at least one more time, and maybe make a few more faces to add to our collection.

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