Famous Paintings Art Lacing Boards

My husband and I love to travel, but unfortunately we’ve been on a wee bit of a hiatus due to having two young children. In our 11 years of marriage, we’ve had the privilege to fly around the world and see many famous sights in person. I look forward to continue this tradition with my children as they grow up and learn the rich history of the world around us.

For now though, I am limited to showing my toddler pictures of our trips and coming up with activities to engage her. I came up with this idea of lacing boards and decided to make artistic renditions of six famous paintings featuring six famous artists. I’m lucky to say I’ve seen a few of these painting in real life!

To make a set of these yourself – download my FREE Printable Color Lacing Boards HERE. I printed them on medium weight cardstock paper at Staples, but if you have a high quality home printer you could do them at home too.


I also bought some medium weight cardboard to make sure the lacing boards were relatively solid.

First step is to glue the printables onto the cardboard. I used glue-stick, but you can also use a spray adhesive which would be quicker.


Make sure each printable is pushed down flat with no bubbles or wrinkles for a nice clean look.


I allowed my cards to dry overnight to make sure everything was completely set.

Next step is to cut them out. This can be hard because the cardboard and cardstock makes the boards pretty substantial – use sharp scissors!


Next step is to punch holes. There are small holes already on the *.pdf, so all you need to do is follow the holes.


Once you finish the hole punching you boards are all ready to be played with!


My toddler loved these and asks to play with them each day. I’m not sure how much is sticking as she’s only 3, but we talked about how these are famous paintings and someday we’ll see some of them in person!


Watch our tutorial video here:

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