Alphabet Matching Activity – Upcycled Bottle Caps!

This activity has been a HUGE hit with my preschooler – I have been saving random bottle caps from my Body Armor drinks (because breastfeeding, lol) and after months, I had enough to do this activity.


I printed out the lower case letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper (you can print off the *.pdf here)


Next I wrote the upper case letters on the tops of the caps with a white sharpie marker.


Finally I had finished all 26 of them. I let them dry a few moments and matched them up.


My toddler loved doing this – she worked for almost an hour (record for most activities!) on this as she found which ones went where. We got hung up on Z/N, W/M and i/j/l – but we had fun!


You could use a black sharpie and light colored lids or a mixture of different lids in various colors. Get creative! 🙂

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