Flip Flop Coasters

I love making things either for free or minimal expense. This is why I was so excited when I got this idea off Pinterest to make these cute little coasters out of Dollar-Tree flip flops. Now is a perfect time to buy flip flops because they are on sale and the large ones are usually what is left – and that’s the perfect size to buy!! I bought a pile of them for a mere $1 each, so can make each coaster for only 50 cents! šŸ™‚


First you’ll want to cut the thong-part off the bottom. Save it, because you’ll use it later!


Next trace around the part you will cut out – you can use a large oversized mug, or use a template like I did. You can download this 3-size template here, or you can make your own. I chose to use a 4.25″ diameter circle and because I am using X-L sandals it fit – I like extra surface area on my coasters.


You will want to position the circle template so that the hole from the toe-part of the thong is in the circle just a little bit – you will use the thong pieces later and it’s easiest to just use the hole they already have. šŸ™‚


Next cut out the circle. You’ll want to cut at vertically and not slanted to right or left so that your cutting doesn’t angle the edge of the coaster.


Take the plastic thong pieces and measure to the edge of the coaster and cut off the extra. You’ll also want to cut off the extra below the toe part too as you’ll want the coaster to lie flat.


Next take an blade (I used an exacto blade) to cut small holes in the sides where you will insert the edges of the plastic thong pieces.


Next, I used a little bit of hot glue inside the hole I cut and then inserted the plastic end into the hole. It helps if you have the edge slightly at an angle so that it fits neatly and flat against the coaster.


You’ll also want to glue the toe piece flat into the hole on the top too. I added a small gem to make the coasters a little more “fun” but this is optional.


Tada – they are so much fun to make!


Look how cute these all look! You can see this size fits a variety of different beverage glasses and the thong pieces help hold the base of the glass in place.

Buy different fun flip flop prints and make different colors and themes!


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