Object Outline Puzzle – Easy Toddler Activity!

I’m always looking for activities that I can whip up quickly for my busy toddler. Especially those that require minimal supervision that she can work on while I put her little sister down for a nap (two kids with different naptimes is HARD!)

I have a large roll of craft paper that I’ve used for various activities and rounded up various items in my kitchen that were different shapes and sizes.

I traced around each item with a sharpie.


I intentionally used a couple items that were same shape, but different sizes – note the circle of the cap and cup and the heart-shaped pan and cookie cutter.


After I traced them all (I did this during her naptime to make it more challenging, haha), I let my toddler match them up. She’s almost three, so did very well, only having a small issue of realizing that the espresso cup had a handle and the purple cup was different sizes depending if it was upside up/down.


We did this puzzle a couple times – you can discuss what each shape is, color and use more complicated items to make it harder.

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