Make Your Own Chalk Paint – Upcycle Old Chalk Sticks!

I can’t remember buying chalk for a long time, but somehow I have a whole box of it. Another mama suggested turning old sticks into powder and adding water to make your own chalk paint, so that is what I did!

I used a cheese grater to turn my chalk into powder. I found the best paints didn’t have chunks in it because it doesn’t “melt” well.


I used the finest side of the grater and it took about half a stick to make a good pile of chalk powder.


I separated the colors and poured HOT water into each container. I like the hot water because it seems to turn into a nice paint faster.


I had an old makeup brush that I decided to upcycle for this project.


And I left my toddler loose! She loved this!


Also, I don’t recommend wearing nice clothes for this project. I spent a bit of time scrubbing chalk paint out of her dress…. um hum…

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