Frozen Bug Smash

It’s been so hot the past couple of days, like 90’s and 100’s – it’s hard to be inspired to leave the house. I saw a Pinterest activity for dogs where you freeze toys in water for the dog to chew out. I thought a similar activity might be fun, but instead of chewing, a hammer may be a little more fun.

I filled up a casserole dish about 1/3 the way with water and let it freeze for a couple of hours.


I then layered plastic bugs I had laying around from another activity in the middle and filled the rest of the dish with water


I let the whole thing freeze overnight.


My toddler was very excited to “free the bugs” and she liked to touch the ice. It was hot enough that the ice was melting just laying outside.


I turned the dish upside down and poured hot water over it to release the ice brick from the dish.


It popped right out.

I gave my toddler a hammer and stepped back. She went crazy – I mean what kid doesn’t like to bang away at something?


In a matter of minutes, the ice cube was chipped apart and she was pulling out the plastic bugs.

We discussed the colors, sorted them by colors and counted them as we removed them from their icy prison.


She had so much fun she “want to do it again!” It’s a pity that freezing takes so long….

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