Growing Magic Beans – Jack & The Beanstalk Activity


My toddler has recently started to “read” to me with her books, and over the years we have collected either as hand-me-downs, purchases, gifts, etc a lot of different books. My girl particularly likes the “FE FI FO FUM” part of this book and it’s fun to watch how animated she gets. I thought it would be fun to do an activity around her book.

We had recently finished planting our garden and I thought we could grow some “magic” beans. I bought a bag of extra-large lima beans because they made a good “magic” bean that was easy to manipulate in tiny toddler fingers.


Next step was to paint them gold. Not sure why I thought gold was the right color, but it appeared magic looking, lol. I had to do two coats of paint to make the beans a lovely rich gold color, but they turned out beautiful!


My toddler was enthralled with them – wanting to count the beautiful beans.


I let her plant her beans in a flower pot. She took her job very serious – it was so cute to see the look of wonder and imagination in her eyes.


I told her it was her job to water them.


Every day she begged me to water them – some days I let her use the hose and she watered my entire patio!


And then, while we were on vacation, the beans sprouted and grew!


I adore the look of wonder and imagination on her face!

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