Velcro Dot Cubes – Fine Motor Creative Activity

I love Dollar Tree – mostly I like walking through Dollar Tree seeing what they are selling for only a dollar. A few weeks ago I was there with my toddler and found these foam blocks and velcro dots. I had seen something like this on Pinterest with wooden blocks and decided to get them to make my toddler a fun quiet activity (hint: nothing is quiet about my toddler!)


I placed the dots on the cubes in random ways – allowing various angles, and connection points. Be creative!


Next I started to play with them myself – building…


Great fidget activity!



I brought these on a recent trip we took to GA and my toddler played with them for an amazing 20 minutes – quietly too! I was traveling alone with my 9-month old, so any help was a win in my books.


So, for two bucks I got 20 minutes of peace on a stressful flight and my toddler still plays with them at home. I call this a dollar store win!

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