Make Bugs out of Foil

This month we’ve been doing bug-themed crafts in anticipation of a co-op put on by my friend Mama’s Happy Hive. I saw a foil ant on Pinterest and my imagination took off – what other bugs could I make?

There really isn’t any “steps” to making this craft, but you need a foundation for the body. I made my beetle’s body out of a folded paper plate:


I made the “head” of the beetle out of two spoons I snapped the handles off. I covered both the body and the head with foil.


Next I used pop/soda can tops for the back of my beetle. From the looks of this, it sounds like I may have a problem, but I save all sorts of random stuff for projects and this is from my Le Croix drinking over the past 6-8 months, so not as bad, haha.


I used purple pipe cleaners for the beetles legs.


I made the ant in a similar way – I used three sets of spoons for the three different sections. I made the abdomen much bigger by wrapping it in several layers of foil


The ant got red pipe cleaners.

The spider I made from one set of spoons and a wadded up piece of foil.


It got blue pipe cleaners.


The fun part was gluing goggly eyes onto my creations. I gave my spider 6 eyes!




All done! What kind of bugs can you make out of foil?

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