4th of July Surprise Toilet Paper Roll Poppers

I have to work this 4th of July, so I wanted to make a fun activity for my kiddos in preparation for this fun holiday. I’ll be honest, the last couple of years this holiday has been mostly a loud way to ruin my now toddler’s sleep and frankly I’ve been cranky about it. This year I hope to have a better attitude about this holiday which up to this point I’ve loved.

All you need are some old toilet paper rolls, some tissue paper, scissors, curly ribbon and some treats. I have tons of tissue paper, so I selected some in the colors red white and blue since this activity is for Independence Day! 🙂


First cut the tissue so that there is about 2-3 inches of extra on the outside of the toilet paper roll. I used two sheets in this activity, but for little people it’s hard to pop them, so if you have young children, I’d recommend you make this activity with one sheet so they break open easily.


Next, roll the tissue paper around the toilet roll.


Tie curly ribbon securely around one end of the popper. Knot twice so it doesn’t come undone. Insert the treat into the other end and knot the same on the other side.


Use the blade of the scissors to curl the end of the ribbon. I used silver ribbon – use fun colors and get creative; how festive!


I made a handful of poppers to leave with Daddy for my toddler on the 4th of July.


I gave my toddler one to pull apart now. The pressure of the pulling on both ends shoots the treats out – POP! How fun!


These poppers are also fun to make for birthday parties, New Years parties, Christmas – really the options are limitless!

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