Marshmallow Constellations – FREE Printables!

Summertime is the perfect time for sitting outside on a warm evening and look at stars. Of course for my toddler, this is WAAAAAYYYY past her bedtime and as she is almost three and sporting that threenager attitude, I won’t risk such crazy activities. But I saw this fun project that can be a fun way to teach your littles about different constellations during the DAYTIME! 🙂


I spent some time during naptime to make little maps of some of the more popular constellations which can be downloaded here:

FREE Constellations Maps

I gave my toddler some mini marshmallows and some toothpicks – she picked up on how to do it rather quickly. She worked on this activity for over 30 minutes, which may be a record for her!


Mommy had to get in on this and helped with the more complicated constellations. I used wire snips to make the toothpicks slightly smaller for the smaller sections.


We placed our work on black construction paper to show off our finished project – can you recognize the different star groups?

You can view the full tutorial on how to make these yourself on YouTube here:

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