Pool Noodle Interlocking Discs

Anybody that has kids knows two main things about toys – they seem to multiply and can be quite expensive, which is frustrating when your kids seem to tire of them after a few hours or days. As the weather is warming up, many retailers are selling pool noodles. If you are lucky, you can score these at your local dollar store too! I stumbled on this activity by accident, and my toddler loves creating structures with these foam discs.


For this project, I like the larger foam noodle, which is approximately 4″ across.


With a serrated knife, cut discs in about 3/4 inch wide. Too wide and it’ll be difficult to fit together, and too thin, they will fall apart too easily.


Cut notches around disc. I only cut four, but you could cut eight notches and have more options for making structures!


A pile of discs now becomes:




My toddler loves to play with these!


So does my baby! 🙂

What can you make from these??

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