Shamrock Lightcatchers *Free Shamrock Outline Printable*

This is a fun St. Patrick’s Day theme craft you can do with a variety of ages. All you need is a coffee filter, green paper, scissors, crayons and a glue-stick.

First, download the Shamrock printable image – it will be your template. You can either trace the shamrock onto green craft paper, or if you have green printer paper, you can just print directly to the green paper.


If you download the printable and plan to trace it to the green paper, cut out the shamrock first.


Trace around on green paper and cut out TWO shamrocks total (one for front and back of finished shamrock)


Next, have your little one draw on a coffee filter. This was the fun part for my toddler. šŸ™‚


Cut the coffee filter so it fits over the inside hole, but is smaller than the outside edge of the shamrock. You can use the center part you cut out as a template too.


Glue the second shamrock shape over the other one on the other side to form a two sided shamrock with the colored coffee filter in the middle.


Tape up on windows!


Hang from fixtures! The light goes through the shamrock center easier than the outsides, and the crayon drawings come to life. Soooo pretty!

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