Lid Sorting Activity – Fine Motor & Critical Thinking Activity

I’m always looking for activities that my toddler can do that are inexpensive. I really liked this one because all the supplies (well except the glue) are FREE!! I also like it because it promotes learning spatial awareness – what lids are larger/smaller, as well as motor skills turning the lids or snapping them on.

First you need a large piece of cardboard. You could purchase one at a craft store, or use a side of a larger box. With two in diapers, I used an extra diaper box lying around.


Just cut out a side to make your base. I cut out two because I had so many different containers I needed space for them all.


As you can see, I collected containers for a few weeks… You want to have different shapes, colors, sizes. You’ll want containers that can be manipulated easily by toddler hands.


You’ll want to cut each container 1-2 inches from the top to provide a base to glue onto cardboard later. I found a small knife worked well, but scissors worked good for some of the plastic containers.


I used E-6000 glue to attach the tops to the cardboard. You could use other glue, but many craft glues do not adhere to plastic well.

My toddler loved this project! She spent a good hour putting on the caps and taking them off. I have to say she’s pretty good – but then again as my baby proofing is failing around the house, I already knew that. 😛


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