DIY Baby Munch Mitt Taggy Toy

My 4 month old has already started teething, and everything is going into her mouth. I wanted to make her a little toy to play with that she couldn’t drop (still working on her motor skills, lol) and something that would be safe for her to play with. 


I started with a baby sock (because I have a million single socks!) – you’ll want one that is long enough to go over the baby’s hand and wrist. I also used a small amount of pollyfill, a bell, couple pieces of ribbon and some thread/needle and scissors.


I inserted the bell into the toe of the sock and covered it with pollyfill so it would be soft. I stitched it inside so the baby’s fingers wouldn’t accidentally pull it out. Now when I shake the toy it rattles!


I cut two small holes on either side of the sock.


I folded the ribbon pieces and stitched them inside the sock.




Lastly I stitched a colorful pom pom to the front.


All done!

I should note that the sewing should be secure and this toy should be only used under supervision because if a piece of the ribbon came off, it could potentially be a choking hazard.


My baby loved it! Feel free to be creative with this little project!

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