Sensory Calm Down Discovery Bottles

My toddler has an extra dose of piss and vinegar it seems. She embraces life with gusto and sometimes can be over-dramatic. I saw these bottles on Pinterest and thought maybe this may help her when she is having a meltdown or when she’s too wound up and needs to calm down. There are seemingly hundreds of ways to make these, but this is four ways I made some for my kiddo. Get creative and mix various substances together and see how they interact! Although I glued mine shut, I made sure to only use non-toxic ingredients because mistakes happen.

You can use any clear bottle to make these, but I loved the VOSS bottles because they are glass and look so much cooler. My local Walmart only had the big version, but the healthfood store had a decent assortment of sizes and types. The grey-lid “still” water doesn’t have any writing on the lid, where as the sparking ones do. The smaller bottles are better for tiny hands and less likely to become life-threatening missiles (a real threat with my tiny tyrant, haha)


I bought four, they were a little over a dollar apiece, which is pretty inexpensive for a nice glass bottle with a lid in my opinion.


My first one I filled about a third with coarse sand, a handful of assorted seashells, a couple drops of blue food coloring and filled with water. Reminded me of the warm waters of the Caribbean.


 It’s fun watching the food coloring mix with the water.


The next one I mixed red food coloring with water, and about half baby oil. I found if you add the food coloring after the water and oil, it takes awhile to mix with the water for some reason. So I added the oil last.


Honestly some of my inspiration was what items I already have in my craft supplies – I was going to use water beads, but couldn’t find them, so I decided to try pom poms, which worked out awesome! They are colorful and after about 24 hours the air gets out of the fine fibers and they float around the water quite nicely.


For my last bottle I mixed school glue with hot water (to help dissolve/mix it faster) and combined green glitter with green food coloring. The result was a slow suspension of glitter the slid around the bottle as I moved it.


I added the glitter and food coloring last – glitter is miserable to clean up in my opinion!


I highly recommend to glue the tops on. I used E-6000, but superglue can work great too. If your kiddo is anything like mine, the last thing you need is he/she getting one of these bad boys open!


I’m very happy with the results!

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