CD Balloon Hovercraft

I’ll be honest, I was watching the Big Bang Theory one evening and Professor Proton (aka Wil Wheaton) was demonstrating a hovercraft made out of a CD and balloon. My toddler loves science experiments so I tried to figure out how to make one. Several tutorials gave a pretty good idea of using a thread spool versus a pop-top from a water bottle, but most used a glue-gun which they even admitted didn’t work very well. I love E-6000 for many of my craft projects because it works well and adheres to many substances.


To make your own hovercraft, you’ll need an old CD (sure you don’t have an old AOL internet one lying around in the basement?), a pop top from a waterbottle (another good reason to drink more water) and some E-6000. I got this glue at Walmart, but most craft stores carry it too.


Put a line of blue around the base of the pop top and center it on top of the CD.


Allow to dry overnight.


Stretch neck of a moderate to large balloon over the top top. When you pop the top of the “valve” it allows the air to escape, floating the hovercraft across a smooth surface when pushed lightly. When the valve is shut the air stays in the balloon.


You blow up the balloon by blowing into the backside of the CD with the valve open.


My toddler loved this project! She kept wanting to blow it up herself, but didn’t have enough “ooph”


Do different size balloons affect the hovercraft’s performance? Find out for yourself! 🙂

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