My Body: Learning Anatomy *FREE Printables*

I’m a RN with my MS in Nursing Education, so two of my passions are the human body and education. My toddler is starting to want to learn different body parts and I decided to make little cutouts for her to learn.

First download my the anatomical printables (yes, I drew them with a sharpie, haha)

FREE Anatomy Printables

I printed my copies on different colored paper to differentiate them.  You could also print them on white paper and color them with crayons or markers.


Cut out each body part.


Next trace your kiddo. I used a sheet of craft paper and a black marker. Make sure he/she is looking to the right so that the “brain” will go in the right spot when you’re finished.


Next tape the body parts where they need to go. As I went I told my toddler what they were called and then quizzed her. She can now recognize the lungs, brain, heart and guts as she calls them. I think that’s pretty good for the first day!


Yay, all done! Looking good!

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