Valentine’s Day Hand Heart Card

I love holidays and try to do special little projects for them, especially for the grandparents and aunts and uncles. Last year I made shaving cream tie dyed eggs for Easter and glued an ultrasound photo onto it announcing we were adding our second to the family. It’s fun to send things from the girl’s even though they aren’t able to create anything themselves yet.

This is a super easy project that can be made with construction paper (or any colored paper), scissors, glue stick and a little one’s hand.


First you need to trace around your kiddo’s hand – my toddler kept wanting to re-position her hand and my baby wanted to make a fist, so I made several “patterns” in the process.


Cut out your pattern – you will use this to make as many hands as you need.


I traced the hand patterns on the folded edge of a piece of construction paper and then cut them out. The thumb and the first (index finger) should touch the fold and a little part be allowed to connect the two hands.


Glue the large hand down first (if you are using more than one hands)


I put my infants hands over top of my toddlers in two different colors.


Lastly, I wrote a little message with a sharpie – this is where you can get creative!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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