Indoor Beach Day: Moon Sand

My toddler loves to experience her world with as many senses as she can. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t cooperated to allow her to see and do much outside and she has been confined to the house most days and has been going a little stir crazy. I found this recipe online, and thought it may be fun to have a beach day!

The recipe itself is super easy: 8 cups of white flour and 1 cup of baby oil.


I found it was easiest to mix the “sand” with my fingers – you want to make sure the oil fully mixes with the flour.


Once mixed, the sand is like the best beach sand you have ever seen – honestly it reminded me of the Dominican Republic where my husband and I were married over a decade ago. You can make shapes – if you make a couple batches you could build an amazing sand castle!


I covered the faucet and drain of my large bathtub with grocery bags and secured them with tape:


Next you just add the toddler!


She played like this for over an hour. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult for her to not want to put the “sand” outside of the bathtub, but as long as she cooperated, it was mostly contained. Cleanup was a broom, dustpan and a once over with a washcloth – super easy!


She loved it! Made a cold wintery day much better!!

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