Milestone Boxes *FREE Printables*

I love photography! With both my girls, I wanted to commemorate the days/weeks/months/years as they grew, but found milestone boxes for photos are $20 and up for these little paper cubes. I decided to make my own, and found it to be a fun project to take photos of my infant.

First download the printable at milestoneboxes – I recommend printing on cardstock paper so that the boxes have some substance to them. I have a laser printer and the ink was a little “smeary” on the thicker paper for some reason, so if you have this same problem, just have  your local Office Depot/Staples print them for you. I chose three different pastel colors to make mine, but you can make them white or all one color too.


First cut out all the pieces on the solid lines. The larger rectangle box has an extra square that is not attached, but cut that out as well.


Fold all pieces along the dotted line. The numbers box should start looking square.


I used tape to put together my boxes, but you can also use glue so that the tape won’t show.

The days/weeks/months/year box has a flap on one end and the square is secured on the opposite end to complete it.


Next get a kiddo and do a photo-shoot! My 3.5 month old thought they were pretty colorful and fun.


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