Walnut Boats – STEM Challenge

My toddler LOVES water. I mean give her a cup of water and she’ll play for hours and the memories will be all over my living room & kitchen, lol!

This fun little project cost me exactly $0.10 at my local grocery as they were closing out the holiday assorted nuts. You will also need play dough (I used my Easy to Make Play Dough Recipe), nutcracker or hammer, spoon, scissors, tooth picks, colored paper (I used construction paper) and a small container and water.

First you need to halve the walnuts. I used a hammer, but you can use a nutcracker if you have one (I did not, lol). Be careful otherwise you can break the nuts in small pieces. I did ruin a few, but had bought about 10 walnuts. After I was done I had about 8 usable halves.


Next you will want to scoop out the insides to make a hollow center. I used a spoon which worked great!


Next make little sails for the boats. You will want them between 1-2 inches high and not much wider than 1.5 inches. I made fun shapes out of construction paper – this is where you can get creative. If you have an older child, they can use their imagination for their boat designs.


To make the sails, poke a toothpick through the sail cutouts a couple of times to make sure they stay on. Attach sails to walnut boats with playdough (Easy to Make Play Dough Recipe) – Use just a little bit as too much causes the boat to weigh too much and they will sink.


Now it’s time for the maiden voyage!


Set each boat down gently, as too much force will sink them.


My toddler loved this – but as most 2-year olds do, she made an absolute mess. But it was a solid 45 minutes that she was entertained in the kitchen and only took about 10 minutes to clean up after she went down for a nap.

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