Ice Cube Painting

As a child I loved crafts and art – this love followed me into my teenage and adult years as well. This is an unique way to create art with fun ice cubes, however I recommend supervision because it can be messy and the food coloring can stain.


To begin all you need is an ice cube tray, water, craft sticks and food coloring.


Pour the water into the cubes, about 2/3 full so the colors won’t run together after you add the coloring.


You can get creative with the color combos – you want the colors to be dark enough so they transfer onto paper later, but not too much to waste food coloring.


I put in craft sticks to use as handles after they froze. Mine froze solid in only a few hours.


They actually colored quite well – not only the paper but my toddler’s hands! Thank goodness it’s only food coloring and it wiped off pretty easily.

Like I said, supervision. Still a fun and messy day! 🙂

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