Penguin Goldfish Counting Pages *FREE Printables*

I’m always trying to come up with fun educational activities for my 2.5 year old. She loves counting games and one of her favorite snacks is goldfish, so with a little help from Pinterest, I made these printable pages that she can color and also “feed” the penguin the appropriate number of goldfish crackers.

First step is to print off the penguins – Download the free printable here: penguinnumbers

Cut out each penguin.


I wanted to add a little color to my penguins, so I colored the hats. You can also print the printables on colored cardstock.


If you have a laminator or laminating sheets (found at craft and office supply stores) you can laminate the penguins so they wear a little longer. I made my penguins out of regular copy paper since my toddler destroys most anything I try to make her after a few hours.


I gave my toddler a big pile of goldfish crackers and told her to put the number of fish that corresponds with the number on the hat. She’s almost 2.5 years and she recognizes her numbers 1-10 and was able to count out the fish crackers with minimal cues.

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