Matching Color Recognition Socks Wash Machine *FREE Printables*

As a mother of a toddler, I have excessive amounts of construction paper. My little girl loves colors and matching, and this fun little game was the result of cutting out some colored socks (you can also use patterned scrapbook paper too if you want to make it even more interesting). The goal of the game is to match the socks and put them into the wash machine. Or you can take them out of the wash machine and match them that way too. You can make the game or work with your little one to make it as well.

Download the FREE Printable Images: sock

First you need a small box – preferably one with a side that is around 8.5X11 inches (the size of printer paper) Tape it together so it’s a closed box and then glue the wash machine printable to one side. I had to use two sticks of glue – I like the purple disappearing kind so you can know if part of it has dried – work quickly so your whole paper is covered and will stick to the box before drying!


Cut out the wash machine “door” leaving a small part uncut so it has a hinge to open and shut.


Print out the sock templates – you can print directly on colored cardstock or scrapbook paper for a fun pattern, or cut out a pattern and trace onto construction paper.


Cut out even numbers of socks from different colors/patterns.


Add a toddler and have them sort the socks!


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