High Contrast Stimulation Posters *FREE Printables*

Studies have shown that stimulating your baby’s brain through play can help increase brain development. Babies find high contrast images stimulating, but purchasing books or mobiles with these can be costly. I have a three month old that I try to spend some time daily introducing her to new things. I made her some small posters using cardboard from Amazon boxes (I may have a few laying around, haha) and the following printables I made.

You can download the *.pdf here: HighContrastPrintables


I wanted to add a little color, so I used crayons to give a couple of the boards a pop of color.  


Next I cut each paper in half.


I then glued each piece of paper to a piece of cardboard. I’m not going to lie, with two young kiddos in the house, we may use Amazon Prime a bit and have a few boxes laying around. THESE ARE PERFECT! 🙂


I like the purple (dries clear) gluestick because I get interrupted a lot and I know if my glue is still sticky.


Next step is to cut out the boards!


My little 3.5 month old student loves the boards! Super easy to make – took me only a few minutes!

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