Color Stick Sorting Activity

I am constantly thinking of activities to make for my toddler that can be made from things I have around the house or would normally throw out. This easy to make color sorting container uses a oatmeal container with a snap-on lid and some craft sticks (Popsicle sticks would work great too!). I had some non-toxic paint in my craft supplies and a few minutes of work made a fun activity for my kiddo.

Supplies Needed:
Container with Snap-on Lid (Oatmeal Container)
Craft/Popsicle Sticks
Non-Toxic Paint, Assorted Colors
Paint Brush
Small Knife

First make sure the container is much taller than the craft sticks you intend to use. I had a couple smaller containers, but they didn’t work due to the size needed. Mark where you want the holes – I found that between 4-6 colors works best, otherwise it’s too many for most toddlers to sort between. Mark with a sharpie where you want the holes to be and cut out with scissors.


Next you will paint around each hole with a color. I painted both sides.


I then painted a few sticks in each color. As long as there are more than two, you can choose how many to make. I did three because that was a good handful (15 total).


Allow everything to dry for a few hours. Most acrylic paints dry very quickly but you want to make sure there isn’t any messy globs that show up on your sofa later, lol!


Add a toddler! My little lady got the concept really quickly and started sorting. Then when she realized I was videoing her, she started putting them in the wrong holes and laughing – little stinker.

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